Glitter and Face Jewels product photography
Product Photography by Akanjee

Glitter and Face Jewels product photography for Amazon, eBay, eCommerce by Akanjee

Glitter and FaceJewels product photography for Amazon, eBay, eCommerce by Akanjee

Glitter & FaceJewels product photography on pure white background photographs optimized for your Amazon, eBay stores and also for your eCommerce website. Prices starts from as cheap as £3.99 each image. (Minimum order 50 product shots to get this £3.99 offer.)
Price breakdown:

1 to 5 Glitter or Face Jewels photos £9.99 each
6 to 10 Glitter or Face Jewels product photos £6.99 each
11+ Glitter or Face Jewels product £4.99 each photo
50+ Glitter or Face Jewels product photos £3.99 each

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Example photos from recent project.

More about Glitter and face jewels photography:

Glitter and face jewels product photography typically involves capturing images of makeup products such as glitter pots, loose glitter, face jewels, and other embellishments used for makeup and cosmetic purposes. These products are often used in various creative makeup looks, festivals, parties, and editorial shoots.

Here are some key elements and considerations for capturing effective product photography for glitter and face jewels:

  1. Lighting: Good lighting is crucial for product photography. Soft, diffused lighting helps to highlight the sparkle and shine of glitter and jewels without creating harsh shadows. Consider using studio lights or natural light with diffusers to achieve the desired effect.
  2. Background: Choose a clean and neutral background that doesn’t distract from the products. White or black backgrounds are commonly used for product photography as they provide a simple backdrop that allows the products to stand out.
  3. Composition: Pay attention to composition to showcase the products effectively. Consider different angles, close-up shots, and arrangements to highlight the texture, colour, and details of the glitter and face jewels.
  4. Props and Accessories: Props and accessories can enhance the overall look of the product photography and add context to the images. For example, you might include makeup brushes, applicators, or other beauty products in the shot to demonstrate how the glitter and jewels can be used.
  5. Models or Mannequins: If showcasing the products in use, consider using models or mannequins to demonstrate how the glitter and jewels look when applied to the face or body. This helps potential customers visualize the final result and can inspire them to purchase the products.
  6. Post-Processing: Editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom can be used to enhance the images further. Adjustments to brightness, contrast, color balance, and sharpness can help refine the final look of the product photos.
  7. Consistency: Maintain consistency in style and branding across all product photographs to create a cohesive and professional look. This helps to build brand recognition and trust among customers.

Overall, the goal of glitter and face jewels product photography is to showcase the products in an appealing and enticing way that attracts customers and encourages them to make a purchase.

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