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Photo editing services:

Photo editing services: Retouch, background removal, clipping path etc.
As a professional Photographer and photo retoucher, we can offer to enhance any photo with several skills and more, some of our photo editing services listed below.

For Retouching we will do followings:

Remove skin rash, blemish etc.
Skin smoothening
Face makeover
Beauty touch-up and makeup correction
Selective colorization
Glamour photo shoot correction
Reduce noise
Sharpen, brighten and enhance contrast
Body reshaping
Eyes enhancement, remove red eye
Skin discoloration repair
Cut out background
Change background
Add or remove people/objects/ text from the images
Transparent background
Background insertion or removal
Mirror effect
Darken or lighten an area
Removal of dust/scratches
Perspective correction
Web image optimisation
Image cropping & resizing
We always send a preview to the client for approval. If needed any changes, we will be doing it for no extra fees.

What do we need from the client to get started with photo editing?

1.Hires file
2.Instructions (what you want us to do? if you want you can give an example photo too)


-we can offer this service for as low as £2.50 each photo editing! Contact us now on 0749 265 21 61

For product photography including all enhancements please check current price list

Example of just clipping path, no extra editing. Photo editing services
Example of just clipping path, no extra editing

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Photo editing refers to the process of modifying or enhancing digital photographs using specialized software tools. It involves a wide range of techniques and adjustments to improve the appearance of images, correct imperfections, and achieve desired visual effects. Some common tasks in photo editing include adjusting brightness, contrast, and colour balance, cropping and resizing, removing blemishes or unwanted objects, applying filters and effects, and retouching to enhance the overall quality of the image. Photo editing is commonly used in various fields such as photography, graphic design, advertising, and digital art to create visually appealing and professional-looking images.

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