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Learn photography – tuition – Photography training by Akanjee: Have you recently purchased a brand new DSLR or Bridge camera, only to find yourself disappointed with the results of your photographs? It’s time to learn photography. Are you left wondering how others are able to capture those breath-taking, awe-inspiring images? If so, I am here to help you turn your photography skills around. Let’s learn photography.

Enrolling in a comprehensive Photography course can seem overwhelming, but fear not! In just 7 hours of one-on-one tuition, you can expect to gain a solid foundation in the art of photography. Before we even begin, we will have a brief conversation over the phone to assess your current understanding of photography. This will allow me to tailor the course to your specific needs and knowledge level.

Throughout the course, I will guide you through 10 easy-to-follow steps that will significantly improve your photography skills in just a couple of hours. You will learn the fundamental controls of your camera, enabling you to take full control of your photography. Additionally, I will teach you the basic rules of composition, empowering you to create photographs that go beyond mere snapshots.

Furthermore, I will showcase 10 different types of nature photos that I have personally captured, explaining the Exif data behind each image. This will provide you with valuable insights into how to replicate similar photographs. You will also gain a deep understanding of how exposure works and how to consistently achieve the correct exposure for every shot. Additionally, I will teach you techniques to manipulate depth of field, allowing you to focus on specific elements of a photograph with exceptional clarity and sharpness.

The course will take place outdoors, in beautiful locations such as parkland walks, pergolas, and local park gardens. It is important to come prepared with appropriate clothing for the weather, as we will be spending time outside. This may include rain, so be sure to bring suitable attire. Good walking shoes or boots are essential, and I recommend wearing trousers to protect against nettles that may be present at the sites.

To participate in the course, you will need to bring your own DSLR or Bridge camera with a fully charged battery. If you have a spare battery, it is advisable to bring that as well. Additionally, please ensure you have an empty memory card to capture your photographs. During the course, I will provide hot drinks, snacks, and biscuits to keep you energized and focused.

For the invaluable experience of a 7-hour one-on-one Photography tuition in Islington, London, the cost is £150. If you wish to extend your learning and spend an additional day It will cost additional £75.

Have a look at Akanjee’s youpic portfolio to get a rough idea what you can expect learning photography from him.

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