Women's wear product photography with model
Product Photography by Akanjee

Cloths garments Product photography with models for Amazon, eBay, eCommerce by Akanjee

Cloths / garments / dresses Product photography with models for Amazon, eBay, eCommerce by Akanjee from £4.99 each photo.

White or black background Cloths / garments / dresses product photographs. With a model optimized for your Amazon, eBay stores and also for your eCommerce website. Cloths / garments / dresses product photography prices starts from as low as £5.99 each image. (Minimum order 50 photo shots to get this £4.99 offer.)
You can provide your preferred model or model’s fees should be paid. Cost of a per hour model starts as average from £25 per hour to £45 per hour photoshoot. (We will give information, cost of models according to their fees). Estimated time needed for 5 dresses to shoot with models around 2 hours (front, side, back and changing)

Please contact on 07492652161 to discuss your product photography. You can What’s app as well or email to: prophoto @ akanjee.co.uk (please remove two spaces before and after @ )

Please check pricing page for most updated product photography cost.

Example photos from recent project:

Why is it important to shoot your Cloths, garments Product photography with a model?

Product photography featuring models wearing clothing garments. Plays a pivotal role in the fashion industry and marketing strategies for several reasons:

Visual Appeal:

Incorporating models in clothing product photography adds a human element. Making the garments more relatable and visually appealing to potential customers. Seeing how the clothing fits and drapes on a real person helps consumers envision themselves wearing the items. Increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

Emotional Connection:

Models can convey emotions, attitudes, and lifestyles that resonate with the target audience. By selecting models who reflect the brand’s values. Or the desired image of the clothing line, companies can establish a stronger emotional connection with customers, fostering brand loyalty.

Demonstration of Fit and Style:

Models showcase how the clothing fits and moves, providing valuable information to shoppers about the garment’s cut, fabric, and overall style. This helps consumers make informed decisions about whether the item suits their body type and personal preferences, reducing the likelihood of returns and increasing customer satisfaction.

Highlighting Features:

Models can draw attention to specific features or details of the garments, such as unique patterns, embellishments, or innovative designs. By emphasizing these elements through strategic posing and framing, product photography with models can effectively communicate the value proposition of the clothing, encouraging purchase consideration.


Placing clothing in real-life scenarios through model photography helps consumers visualize how the garments can be incorporated into their everyday lives. Whether it’s showcasing casual wear for a weekend outing or professional attire for a corporate environment, contextualizing the clothing in relevant settings enhances its perceived value and utility.

Brand Storytelling:

Models can embody the brand’s narrative and ethos, contributing to the storytelling aspect of marketing campaigns. Through their expressions, gestures, and interactions with the environment, models can convey the brand’s personality, aspirations, and cultural relevance, fostering deeper connections with the target audience.

Social Proof and Inspiration:

Seeing models wearing the clothing can serve as social proof of its quality and desirability, especially when accompanied by positive reviews or testimonials. Additionally, model photography can inspire customers by showcasing different styling options and outfit combinations, stimulating creativity and encouraging multiple purchases.


clothing product photography featuring models is essential. For capturing attention, fostering emotional connections, providing valuable information, and contextualizing the garments within the target audience’s lifestyles and aspirations. By leveraging the power of models in their visual marketing efforts, fashion brands can enhance brand perception, drive sales, and cultivate lasting relationships with customers.

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