Experienced affordable photographer & Videographer available for wedding, party, event, nightclub, fashion, Portraits etc. pro photography. All photos will be taken with professional DSLR camera, very high-quality lenses and pro lighting/Speedlight kit.

Video cameraman: For 3 hours-£120, for 5-6 hours £240, for up to 12 hours £375 for wedding, parties, birthdays, corporate events, holy ceremonies, graduations, family gatherings, etc
Bangladeshi wedding video highlights:

African Wedding video:


(Videography alludes to the way toward catching moving pictures on electronic media (e.g., tape, direct to circle recording, or strong state stockpiling) and notwithstanding spilling media. The term incorporates techniques for video creation and after generation. It was at first likeness cinematography (moving pictures recorded in video form stock). The appearance of advanced video recording in the late twentieth century obscured the refinement amongst videography and cinematography, as in both strategies the irregular system turned into the same. These days, any video work outside business film generation could be called videography.)