Have you recently bought a new DSLR or Bridge camera? And disappointed with your clicks? Are you wondering how others take wow! types of photos? And not sure how to make it happen, I can help you with this.
As a whole, Photography course is big so, what you can expect from this 7 hour’s one-day tuition?
We will have a short chat over the phone and I will decide what and where to start from depending on your present understanding of photography.

* I will teach you the basic steps that will enable you to start taking great photographs.
* 10 easy to follow small steps that will improve your photography in just a couple of hours.
* Learn the basic controls of your camera, and begin to take control of your photography.
* Learn some basic rules of composition that will allow you to start making photographs rather than just taking them.

I will also show you my 10 different types of nature photos and will explain Exif data and will teach you how to make similar photographs. Also, you will:
* Learn how exposure works and how to ensure you get the correct exposure for your shot – every time
* Learn how to play with depth of field to focus on certain parts of a shot with pin-point quality and sharpness.

The venue is outdoors (parkland walk, pergola, local park’s garden), and you will need to bring appropriate clothing for the weather, which may include rain! Good walking shoes or boots are also essential. I would also advise wearing trousers rather than shorts or skirts, due to the nettles on site. You will need to bring a DSLR or Bridge camera with a fully-charged battery and spare if you have one, an empty memory card. I will provide hot drinks, snacks, biscuits.

one to one Photography tuition Islington, London for 7 hours including practical- £150

*An additional day, 7 hour’s one-day tuition £75 only.