Beauty products; bottles, jars etc. by Akanjee

Product photography:

The photograph is such a crucial part of selling goods, that it’s strange and sometimes laughable why such a lot of people that try to sell things but take such horrid photos. perhaps they’re in an exceedingly hurry. Perhaps they really imagine that having neighbour Amy’s hands holding up an item against the velvet wallpaper is the best way to sell such an item. Or maybe they don’t perceive the emotional association.

When done everything right, we tend to build that emotional association, and your photograph results in a sale. That’s the result you wish.
The good news is that something can be photographed well. there’s no object, item, or novelty that defies the camera and stubbornly refuses to require a decent image. Everything will be fixed. it’s doable to get high-quality photos of your product line that individuals can wish to shop for.

Few samples of previous work.  Beauty products; bottles, jars etc. can be done at as low as £2.50 each. All photos will be taken with Full frame professional camera and macro lens for industry standard eCommerce photographs. All photos will be retouched including clipping path.